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Diet with Long-Term Prednisone Use

Diet with Long-Term Prednisone Use

Long-term side effect of Prednisone

Two decades on prednisone.

That’s a long time!

I thought my 9 months were miserable… Can’t imagine how hard that must be for 20 years!

I found out by interviewing Cristina.

Arthritis Dietitian Interview

Not only is Cristina a dietician, but she has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for two decades and has been managing her symptoms with prednisone.

Throw in a pregnancy and a car accident…

She’s had quite a roller coaster journey while on prednisone.

Doctors warned her of the serious side effects she could experience if she stopped taking the medication, as her body had adapted to the drugs.

Meanwhile, the use of this powerful steroid can have both short and long-term effects on the heart…

To manage the disease, and reduce the medication’s side effects, Cristina discovered some powerful tips.

Find out how she’s not just coped, but thrived! while on prednisone by

Watch my interview with Cristina, the Arthritis Dietitian.

Watch now!

Interview with an Arthritis Dietitian – Cristina

Cristina, has had rheumatoid arthritis for twenty years. Has been prescribed prednisone to help manage the symptoms and pain of her condition.

As the years went by, her dose elevated to 20 mg per day due to a severe car accident during pregnancy. Doctors warned that she cannot abruptly stop taking prednisone as her body had adapted to relying on it.

Unfortunately, she experience the long-term prednisone side effects.

Puffiness, weakened muscles, lack of sleep, and increased irritability came with the drug, and was even diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

With one year of monitoring, she was able to resume her routine.

Has taken certain precautions, such as enforcing protein and calcium-rich foods, monitoring sodium and potassium intake, supplementing with vitamin D, and moving for bone and muscle loss prevention.

All of this is possible with simple snacks, such as hummus and gluten-free pita bread and guacamole and naan, to please her taste buds.

Dr. Megan Milne, PharmD, BCACP

Dr. Megan Milne, PharmD, BCACP, is an award-winning clinical pharmacist board certified in the types of conditions people take prednisone for. Dr. Megan had to take prednisone herself for an autoimmune condition so understands what it feels like to suffer prednisone side effects and made it her mission to counteract them as the Prednisone Pharmacist.

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