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Can Prednisone Prevent Osteoporosis?

Can Prednisone Prevent Osteoporosis?

It’s really fascinating to know that prednisone has these two sides of the same, like when it does good things, it also does bad things, right?

I will help you to be better on your current battle or illness but gives off horrible side effects that might affect your life forever.

One of the irreversible side effects of prednisone is bone loss. Can prednisone actually help prevent osteoporosis?

Watch the video to discover these things:

  • The 4 most Concerning Side Effects of Prednisone
  • What Factors are there in Osteoporosis?
  • Things that Increase Your Risks for Osteoporosis
  • What are 4 risk factors that a person can control to decrease their risk for osteoporosis?
  • What I recommend

Show Notes in Video:

Can Prednisone Help prevent Osteoporosis?

Glucocorticoid like prednisone use features prominently as both as a risk factor and preventative factor.

The Baseline When using Prednisone

As much as glucocorticoid is necessary, but as little should be used

The 4 Most Concerning Side Effect of Prednisone

  • Bone Loss
  • Hyperglycemia (High Blood Sugar)
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Infection

What Conditions are Treated with Prednisone?

  • Bleeding Disorder
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Vasculitis
  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica
  • Giant Cell Arteritis

Things that increase your risk for Osteoporosis

  • Taking Prednisone – has a deleterious effect on Bones. It sucks the nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K2.
  • Inflammatory Disease Activity
  • Increase in Age
  • Serological Factors
  • Genetic Factors

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