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Why I’m Grateful for Prednisone – Happy Thanksgiving!

Why I’m Grateful for Prednisone – Happy Thanksgiving!

While it’s tough, I’m grateful for prednisone. It is a drug that makes me feel miserable, but is a miracle since it saved my life.

Watch me explain Why I’m Grateful for Prednisone:

Show Notes

It’s Thanksgiving week and I am grateful for prednisone. I’m Dr. Megan, the Prednisone Pharmacist. I’m coming to you today as someone who is grateful for the miracle that prednisone is. I personally had to take prednisone when I was diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. Where my body, my immune system was attacking my blood cells and making it so I could bleed to death. It was worth it to take prednisone because it made it so I could live, so I could be a mom, so I could be a pharmacist so that I could be present with my family instead of being hospitalized. It was a miracle that I didn’t have to be like the woman with the issue of blood that reached out to Jesus and said, “Save me, make me whole.”, and he did. He cured her, and prednisone was there to help me.

Prednisone Saved My Life

I’m so grateful that it allowed me to not bleed to death. When I was first diagnosed, it was worth it. Even though I was gaining weight, I had moon face, I was increasing my risk for osteoporosis. Even though I had terrible insomnia and it made me so cranky, it was worth it, because I was alive and I wasn’t bleeding to death. However, I wasn’t just on it for the two weeks that I thought I was going to be on it. They would increase my dose and then I’d have to taper. When I’d taper, then my platelets would drop and I’d have to start over again to go back up, over, and over, and over, and over again. I couldn’t get off the prednisone because my body would remember to attack itself again with this autoimmune condition. It was terrible.

Prednisone Side Effects Worse than Benefit

So over time I had to go at a higher and higher dose and it still wouldn’t work. It wasn’t worth it anymore because it wasn’t doing the job I needed it to. At first, it was. But as time went on it was no longer giving me the benefit that I needed. It was no longer worth it because the side effects were so terrible and it wasn’t giving me a benefit. So if you imagine that there’s a scale and we have something heavy on each side, making it balance, we have the benefits. So at the beginning of me taking prednisone, the benefits were amazing and the risks weren’t as bad.

So the benefits outweighed the risks. But then as time went on, the benefits were no longer there. I didn’t have benefits and the risks were awful. So the scale was tilting and it was no longer worth it for me to be taking the prednisone.

But what if it’s worth it to take it, but you wish that the scale was a little bit in favor of benefits, right?

How I Solved This Problem

So that is why I created Nutranize Zone. That’s the exact reason that it exists, because we know there’s a benefit, we know there are risks. So what can we do to improve this side of the balance? If we can give back the nutrients that prednisone is stealing like calcium and vitamin D, then it makes this one a little less back.

It makes it so that there is a benefit to the prednisone, and it lifts this side by giving back the nutrients that we need

  • By giving back the calcium, and the vitamin D, and the chromium.
  • Calcium and vitamin D are vital for bone health.
  • Chromium is vital for proper blood sugar support. If we don’t have enough chromium, then our blood sugars can go like this. It can make it terrible so that high blood sugars can lead to weight gain, and diabetes, and all sorts of things.

So we want to get stable blood sugars and strong bones, and prednisone is interfering with both of those things.

Nutranize Zone Brings Balance

That’s why I created Nutranize Zone. It has all 10 nutrients that prednisone steals. It gives them back, to make the balance more in your favor. So that you feel better while you’re on prednisone. I’ve had people reach out and tell me, “I can’t believe how well it’s helping me. It’s made a huge difference for the better.” I know it can make a difference for you too.

Get Nutranize Zone today to bring the balance back into your favor and help you recover from Prednisone.

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