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Preventing Adverse Effects of Prednisone

Preventing Adverse Effects of Prednisone

Due to the adverse effect of prednisone, a son mourning the loss of his mother discovered that she had died of a rare disease.

He’d had no idea she had it until after it took her life.

Few people understood the disease, so he started a non-profit organization, the Life & Breath Foundation, to help people suffering from sarcoidosis.

He interviewed me about prednisone and the video went live today!

People with sarcoidosis and many other inflammatory diseases need prednisone as their only option to live and breathe.

But many don’t know that there are ways to prevent the adverse side effects of prednisone.

That’s why they brought me in–to help people suffer less while getting the treatment they need from prednisone.

Most of what I say is relevant to anyone on prednisone, so you should watch it, starting at about timestamp 7:30.

Plus the audience had some amazing questions about prednisone they had me answer at the end.

Watch now!

Life & Breath Foundation

The Life and Breath Foundation is a volunteer-led organization.

It provides patients with sarcoidosis with helpful tools to track progress and manage their quality of life.

The services offered by the foundation include a monthly speaker series wherein Dr. Megan, a third-generation pharmacist, will provide tips and suggestions on how to cope with the side effects of prednisone while using it.

Prednisone is a popular medication with more than 150 potential side effects, some of which can be fatal.

It is important to have a full understanding of prednisone to properly prevent and treat adverse effects, which can include weight gain, bloating, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

To reduce these side effects, it is advised to avoid a high sodium diet, optimize calcium and vitamin D intake, and adopt any specialized guidelines tailored to the individual.

Additionally, methotrexate can be taken as an alternative to prednisone as it is generally safer and better tolerated but has side effects of its own.

Finally, it is important to maintain a consistent exercise routine when taking prednisone and to track symptoms, diet and sleep patterns to communicate them to a doctor for maximal benefit.

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