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Top 5 Tips to Cope with Side Effects

Top 5 Tips to Cope with Side Effects

Watch this video to discover surprising facts about prednisone side effects.

Find out tips about coping with prescription drug side effects that apply to any prescription drug, not just prednisone.

  • Take prednisone with food?
  • Take it first thing in the morning?

Discover Dr. Megan, the Prednisone Pharmacist’s surprising answers.

Top Factors Minimize with Prednisone Side Effects

  • Dose
    • The lower the prednisone dose usually means less side effects
  • Timing
    • Take it in the morning for prednisone to help with insomnia and mimic natural body release
    • Take prenatal pills at night to sleep through nausea
  • Body rhythms
    • Thyroid hormone (levothyroxine) should be taken in the morning to mimic natural thyroid hormone release
  • Drug interactions
    • Don’t take thyroid hormone with calcium
    • Prednisone can be taken with thyroid hormone
    • Prednisone can be taken with calcium
  • Absorption
    • Iron should be taken with something acidic like orange juice

Prednisone with or without food: that is the question

The typical advice is to take prednisone with food. This is to minimize a theoretical risk for peptic ulcer. But research shows that it might not matter. So the answer: take prednisone with or without food.

Final Tips

Tell your Dr about ALL over the counter medicines, dietary supplements, vitamin products, and medications taken because it could be a drug-drug interaction with a supplement, vitamin.

Talk to your pharmacist. Did you know they have a doctorate degree? That they know more than your doctor about drugs? That they are required to offer to counsel you? Then take them up on it!

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