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Rx Radio Podcast Interview

Rx Radio Podcast Interview

In this interview with a fellow pharmacist, I share how I became the Prednisone Pharmacist along with resources for my fellow pharmacists to share with prednisone patients.

Rx Radio: Pharmacy’s Podcast · Episode 101 – The Prednisone Pharmacist

Rx Radio: Pharmacy’s Podcast · Episode 101 – The Prednisone Pharmacist

Show Notes

  • Tell us about yourself (where you’re from, work history, etc.)

    • Megan Milne, PharmD, BCACP
    • I’m Dr. Megan, the Prednisone Pharmacist
    • I’m a third-generation pharmacist graduate and board certified in ambulatory care pharmacy.
    • Started the MTM program at Fortune 200 company, hired dozens of pharmacists
    • Have worked from home as a pharmacist for 10 years
  • Where did the passion for being the prednisone pharmacist come from?

    • As the prednisone pharmacist, I help prednisone patients struggling with side effects to thrive, not just survive.
    • People taking prescription drugs need a supplement designed specifically to give back the nutrients depleted by the drug.
  • What are some top counseling points pharmacists should hit on at the pharmacy counter?

    • Weight gain: cut out sugar and salt
    • Sleep: sleep hygiene, melatonin, mood changes
    • Osteoporosis: (only 20% of pharmacists were recommending calcium + D)
  • What else should pharmacists look out for?

    • Withdrawal, Adrenal insufficiency
    • Monitoring parameters: eye exams, DEXA scans, etc.
  • What resources do you recommend for clinicians?

    • https://nutranize.com/wholesale/
      • Drug-induced nutrient depletion continuing education presentation
      • Counseling tips
      • Evidence-based recommendations to share with prednisone patients
      • How to carry Nutranize in the pharmacy
      • Download to post in the pharmacy:

  • What resources do you recommend for patients? Something pharmacists can recommend to them?

    • Prednisone Checklist: gives patients a tool with the top 15 side effects of prednisone and what they can do about it, including monitoring parameters.
      • Plus 25+ tips for how to get their lives back while taking this horrible, miracle drug
    • Nutranize® Zone™, the first and only supplement designed specifically for the nutrient needs of prednisone patients, found at Nutranize.com
  • What do you hope to happen with prednisonepharmacist.com?

    • Digital resource for prednisone patients to fight back against side effects with evidence-based tips
  • What advice do you have for pharmacists looking to find their niche?

    • Entrepreneurs are those who learn how to take ownership of problems they didn’t cause, create real solutions to those problems, and serve people with excellence.
    • Decide: Is it something that lights you up enough that you could get out of bed early in the morning in 2 years? 5 years?
  • How can people find me?

  • Who would you want to eat dinner with?

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