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Exploit Prednisone’s Quirks

Exploit Prednisone’s Quirks

Hey, it’s Dr. Megan, the Prednisone Pharmacist and today I want to talk to you about exploiting prednisone’s quirks to conquer prednisone side effects.

Everyone on prednisone can’t stop talking about side effects, right? There are tens of thousands of people seeking help about prednisone side effects in Facebook support groups alone!

A couple of days ago I sent out an email asking for your top questions on this topic and I was completely overwhelmed by the response, so I thought I would shoot a quick video and teach you a little about exploiting prednisone’s quirks to conquer prednisone side effects.

Video about Exploiting Prednisone’s Quirks

We all know that prednisone causes tons of side effects. But what almost no one understands about prednisone side effects is the concept of drug-induced nutrient depletion.

Taking Prednisone is Like Tending a Garden

It’s kind of like how plants often need fertilizer. Certain things deplete the soil making it tricky to grow the harvest, and so the gardener needs to replenish the soil. He might add fertilizer, or rotate crops, or spread manure so that the plants get the proper nutrients to grow. The same thing happens while on prednisone: we need to take the steps to make sure we have the proper nutrients that prednisone steals so that we can thrive, too. You’ll hear more about this garden analogy throughout this article.

And the biggest problem that over 70% of people on prednisone struggle with is how prednisone makes us feel so hungry and then get moon face!

The trick here is that it’s not eating low fat and counting calories that helps you cut the prednisone cravings, beat the bloat, and minimize moon face, instead, it’s exploiting prednisone’s quirks. And that can happen even if you can’t stop eating carbs, as long as you’re also giving back the nutrients prednisone steals.

Our bodies on prednisone are like a plant. The prednisone can make us feel like we are a wilting, yellow plant. But a gardener with a green thumb can revive that plant and let it thrive and become beautiful and green again. You can feel better while on prednisone and be like a thriving green plant. It does take some steps.

Steps to Succeed

First, to cut the prednisone cravings, you need a mindset that you can succeed. You have to know that it is possible and learn the techniques needed to succeed. You have to have the foundation to believe that small steps do make a difference. Like a preschool child planting his first bean in a little plastic cup, you need to know which small steps – light, water, soil- make a difference and are necessary to succeed. And that you can succeed, that the little bean will become a plant.

Second, to cut the prednisone cravings, you need facts about what exactly prednisone does to your body with the minerals and nutrients it steals. Like a farmer wouldn’t go out and fertilize his lawn with the fertilizer meant for the cactus, you need to know exactly which nutrients your body needs and in what ratio.

Third, to cut the prednisone cravings, you need to find out what you don’t need to do, what you can minimize. You want to focus your energy on what is most important. You want to “cut” out the most strategic things. Like an arborist, you need to know exactly when to prune and “cut” back the branches, and by how much, and where. You don’t want to cut too deep or in the wrong spot, or you might stunt the growth of the tree.

And the opposite of that—you need to know what is most important to maximize. For plants, is it one that need lots of sunlight? Or should it be in the shade? Maximizing either sunlight or shade can starve each plant in the garden of what it needs most, either scorching it or it not growing enough.

Metabolism changes while on prednisone. It’s like watering plants. How much water is the correct amount to grow your plant? I have one potted plant that I water every day, a hydrangea. And this little thing, I water it about once a week. Finally, I have a succulent plant that I was told to only water once a month! If I gave that plant the same amount of water as my hydrangea, it would drown and turn yellow. They use up different amounts of water, and their metabolism is very different. If I ignore this important information while on prednisone, I can feel like I’m drowning in bloat and wilting with moon face.

Finally, the structure of the garden is important. Tomatoes need cages, beans need a trellis to climb, and sometimes baby sapling trees need to be tied up next to a strong old stick so they can grow straight. The same is true with our bodies while on prednisone. We need the proper structure of our bodies to grow and stay strong–our muscles and bones.

I just love helping people find ways to feel better while on prednisone. I’ve been teaching others about this topic for a year as “the Prednisone Pharmacist” and about side effects for over a decade as a specialized clinical pharmacist. Lately I’ve gotten so many questions, so much positive feedback, that I’ve decided to do a deep dive training just on how to Cut the Prednisone Cravings: How To Conquer Prednisone Side Effects and Look Like Yourself Again Without Counting Calories.

Who is Cut the Prednisone Cravings For?

Cutting the prednisone cravings is not just for people just starting prednisone. It’s also for people who have been on prednisone a long time. And it’s also for you if you are trying to recover and get your body back after taking prednisone.

What are the Modules in Cut the Prednisone Cravings?

This training is going to be specifically on how to Cut the Prednisone Cravings. It’s going to go deep on those six steps I just talked about. We’re going to do 6 live webinars, or modules. They all start with the letter M, like Dr. Megan.

  • The first is going to be about Mindset–the Mindset to succeed. I will share the key to get restful sleep while on prednisone so that you can preserve your relationships and resist cravings.
  • In the second module, Minerals, you’ll learn Minerals you need with simple hacks to restore the minerals prednisone steals.
  • The third module, Minimize, will uncover the secret trick museums use that will revolutionize how you feel while on prednisone.
  • In Module #4, Maximize must-have foods, you will find out which surprising food group you should eat while on prednisone to cut the cravings.
  • Module #5 covers the important topic of Metabolism while on prednisone. Discover how prednisone causes weight gain and use it to cut the cravings.
  • In the final module, Muscle, you will find out the best exercises to do while on prednisone. There will be something for every level of ability…even if you’re stuck in bed.

Throughout all of these modules, you will discover how to exploit prednisone’s quirks! You’ll also get worksheets and resources so you can succeed in cutting the prednisone cravings.

It’s going to be coming out very, very soon.

There’s going to be a limited number of spots because we will be working so closely together to help you transform how you feel while on prednisone. I can only help a certain number of people at a time and want to give you enough attention so that you can succeed.

Watch your inbox for more details in the next few days when I open up registration for the Cut the Prednisone Cravings course.

If you are reading this after December 2019, then fill out the form below to get on the wait list for the next time I release the Cut the Prednisone Cravings Course.

If you want to be on the wait list for the Cut the Prednisone Cravings Course, fill out this form.

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