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The bright side of side effects

Moon Face Place

The Moon Face Place is a gathering place for people suffering from this side effect of prednisone.

Find humor to bring out the bright side of side effects.

Find support in your journey while on prednisone.

Need more support? Get your own Prednisone Wellness Checklist below!

  • 25+ tips for how to stay well while on prednisone.
    • Plus the Top 15 concerns of people on prednisone and what YOU can do about it.
    • A list of which side effects need to be monitored and how often.
  • Find tools to be your own advocate when talking with your doctor about which prednisone side effects are bothering you.
  • Find solutions, and you no longer have to suffer without hope.


  • Feel empowered with which questions to ask your doctor to improve your side effects.
  • Find peace knowing you’re not suffering alone, and there IS help.