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Masks for the first time

Masks for the first time

I’m not sure if I’ll ever forget the first time I saw people wear masks in a place other than the hospital.

The Happiest Place on Earth, 
Disneyland, didn’t seem like the appropriate place to wear a mask.

Seeing masks seemed to spoil the atmosphere. 

Masks just didn’t match Mickey & Minnie’s cartoon atmosphere.

Masks made life too real when the point of visiting Disneyland is to escape reality and live in imagination. 

Little did I know in January that all the Asians at Disneyland wearing masks foreshadowed the future. 

I didn’t understand how wise they were… the necessity for masks in public places. 

Now when Disneyland opens nearly six months after my family’s blissful, naive visit, everyone will be required to wear masks.

📖 Prednisone Parable 📖

It’s kind of like how many of us feel after a medical diagnosis. In the before, we blissfully enjoyed our health. 

Then one day it was never the same again. Something changed in our health so terrible that it required us to take prednisone. 

In the after, taking prednisone is like having to wear a mask.

It’s the price we have to pay to stay healthy.

Neither wearing a mask nor taking prednisone, with its 150 side effects, is remotely pleasant. 

But there are ways to make the process more pleasant. 

For example, we know we have to wear the mask. Wearing a mask that fits comfortably as opposed to one with ear hoops that are too tight can make all the difference in the world. 

The same goes for prednisone. We know we have to take it. But there are ways to make taking prednisone as pleasant as possible. 

Nutranize® Zone™  helps to reduce suffering by replenishing nutrients so that you can recover from prednisone.

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