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What I Wish I’d Known Before Taking 💊 Prednisone #7 (out of 10)

What I Wish I’d Known Before Taking 💊 Prednisone #7 (out of 10)

One of the most frequent questions I get is, “when will my moon face from prednisone go away?”

Just a few days ago, I was delivering a bottle of Nutranize® Zone™ to a neighbor.

Before needing prednisone, he was a long-distance runner, pushing his body to its limits every day.

But then he needed prednisone. Even though he has been able to keep the number on the scale the same, now it was hard to button up his pants.

He worried about what prednisone was doing to his face and belly.

He wish he’d known all about this side effect before taking prednisone.

Find out more about in today’s brand new video.

This is the #7 out of the “10 things people wish they’d known” series.

Thousands of prednisone patients answered this question: “What do you wish you knew before taking prednisone?”

I compiled all of those answers into a brand new 10-part video series.

Over the next 6 weeks, we will continue to count down from 10 down to the #1 thing people wish they’d known before taking prednisone.

Prednisone side effects dominated all of them!

Find out the #7 out of 10 things that Prednisone Warriors wished they’d known before taking prednisone:

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