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Why Her Treatment Stopped

Why Her Treatment Stopped

Even though she’s severely immunosuppressed, they refused to let her protect her health by wearing a mask.

Not only does she take steroids, she also takes other immunosuppressants.

So what situation could possibly justify her putting herself at such risk?

Hear Ashley tell her riveting and tragic story, and wait till the end to find out what made it all worth it.

Dr. Megan Milne, PharmD, BCACP

Dr. Megan Milne, PharmD, BCACP, is an award-winning clinical pharmacist board certified in the types of conditions people take prednisone for. Dr. Megan had to take prednisone herself for an autoimmune condition so understands what it feels like to suffer prednisone side effects and made it her mission to counteract them as the Prednisone Pharmacist.

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