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Which infections are most likely while on prednisone?

Which infections are most likely while on prednisone?

Are you more prone to infections while on prednisone? We have already talked about COVID in the past videos and articles that I have shared and how life-threatening it would be if you catch it.

Now let’s talk about other infections.

Because prednisone makes us immunosuppressed, it can cause more infections!

Watch my new video to discover what they are


Show notes in the video:

A study conducted in the UK to which that people who took prednisone got an infection compared to normal people who aren’t taking it.  These are the diseases included in the study:
– Asthma
– Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Inflammatory Bowel Disease
– Polymyalgia Rheumatica
– Cancer or Connective Issue Disease

Within the 2 weeks timeline, they discover these infections:

Pneumonia – A lower respiratory tract infection.
Local Candidiasis – the appearance of white film along the mucus membranes, back of the throat even or on the tongue. It can also be found on your skin.

This can happen anytime while taking prednisone:

Septicemia – A bacterial infection that’s all over the whole body. It’s not just limited in your lungs, your nose, or something. It’s in your blood and that also can kill you!
Herpes Zoster – which is another fancy word for shingles. If you got chickenpox as a child it can reactivate because you are immunosuppressed and the virus that’s been hiding in your nerve endings can just reactivate and give you some seriously miserable pain.

Infections with no difference:

Varicella ( Chickenpox/Shingles)
Dermatophytosis: ringworm fungal infection

What Can You Do:

  1. Close follow up.
  2. Vaccination against influenza and or/ pneumococcus.
  3. Check skin and mouth for yeast infection.


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