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Alternatives to Prednisone for Cough

Alternatives to Prednisone for Cough

Does it seem like everyone is sick right now?

At my children’s school, half of the kids were home sick this last week. Plus lots of the teachers!

It seems like all the infections are hitting all at once!

Lots of sniffling, coughing kids.

Prednisone Alternatives for Cough

For this week’s video, I will be sharing the best alternative you can take if you are prescribed prednisone for a cough.

Prednisone might not be your best option for treating a cough.

I share the results of a study that compared prednisone with a natural alternative and…

Guess which won?

As always, I suggest consulting a doctor before making a decision and considering the potential side effects of prednisone, as these could be more damaging than the cough itself!


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